Gold : $3,181.79 -1.15
Silver : $40.11 -0.33
Platinum : $1,329.93 -0.28
Palladium : $1,216.48 -7.38

Nugget News June

30 Day Market Moves

Silver $41.52 (+ 17.83%)

Gold $3177.65 (+ 1.78%)

THE SILVER SURGE IS ON!...It is very evident that Silver is the star performer in the first half of the year so far. Since the beginning of May it has outperformed most of its competitors – surging by over 25%. There are exciting prospects for Silver demand from various new generation applications as well as expanding role in the energy transition. It is expected that Silver will become an indispensible material as artificial intelligence (AI) rises. Uses of Silver in AI include transportation, nanotechnology, biotechnology, healthcare, consumer wearables, computing and energy in data centres.

- 2024 could see a large Silver deficit amounting to around 6,697 tonnes. Significantly, this would be the second largest market deficit in more than 20 years and would drive the price past $50 oz.

HOW WAS GOLD MADE?... Gold was primarily formed in Supernova explosions of massive stars. During a supernova, the intense energy and neutron flux allows for rapid neutron capture processes, which create heavy elements, including gold. After Earth's initial formation, it is believed that a significant amount of gold (and other iron-loving, elements) were delivered to the Earth's crust by a period known as the Late Heavy Bombardment. During this time, the Earth was bombarded by numerous asteroids and comets, which brought additional heavy elements to the surface.

-Unlike Diamonds that are now made in a lab, Crypto that is mined with computers or money that is just printed, Gold & Silver can't be created by humans.

COMMODITIY CONCERNS...The regularity with which a range of raw materials has spiked higher this year underscores the way that markets underestimated demand across the global economy. Increased defense spending and the green transition require much more raw materials such as Copper, Silver & Gold. China’s demand has held up surprisingly well even as its imploding real estate sector hamstrings economic growth — but then it is engaged in a truly massive effort to switch to renewables for power generation. The reflationary impact of commodities driven by these trends helps explain the pivot toward hawkish holds on interest rates across central banks this month.

-Increased government spending, actual and potential underscores the case to cut interest rates this year.

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