Gold : $3,189.36 -7.95
Silver : $41.49 +0.13
Platinum : $1,404.38 -1.30
Palladium : $1,324.33 -9.95

What is the most respected precious metal mint in the world?

There are several respected mints in the world, each with their own unique history and reputation for producing high-quality precious metal products. However, one of the most respected mints in the world is the Royal Canadian Mint.

The Royal Canadian Mint has been producing coins since 1908 and is known for its commitment to excellence in design, quality, and innovation. It produces a wide range of bullion coins, including the popular Canadian Maple Leaf, which is highly regarded for its purity and beautiful design.

In addition to its bullion coins, the Royal Canadian Mint also produces a variety of numismatic and commemorative coins that are highly sought after by collectors around the world. The Mint's dedication to quality and innovation has earned it a reputation as one of the most respected mints in the world.

The mint also excels with bullion DNA technology making it the most verifiable and secure bullion coins and bars on the market. This mint also created the largest coin in the world. A 100kg 99.999% pure $1 million gold bullion coin. 

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