Gold : $3,189.36 -7.95
Silver : $41.49 +0.13
Platinum : $1,404.38 -1.30
Palladium : $1,324.33 -9.95

Why Join a Gold Subscription in Canada?

Have you often looked at the price of gold and wondered, who buys a couple of ounces at a time when the price is over $2800 in Canadian dollars per ounce? 

Nugget Stacker did, and that's why we created the monthly Gold Nugget Subscription in Canada. Our members can choose to contribute between $50 to $1,500 per month to purchase a fraction of an ounce of gold. Each month we send you a receipt that shows how much gold you purchased and your total gold holdings.

By buying fractional gold monthly, you are avoiding the high premiums smaller gold coins come with when buying small. This way you are getting the best price for your physical gold and collecting 1 oz coins.

Once you obtain your first ounce of gold, Nugget Stacker will ship your 1 oz Royal Candian Mint Maple Leaf Gold Coin to your door or store it in the Nugget Vault, free of charge.

Nugget Stacker sells Royal Canadian Mint gold, as it is the most trusted mint globally. There are no subscription fees and you can sell your holdings at anytime for the retail spot price to sell gold.  

Dollar-cost averaging your purchases monthly will ensure that you get the best price on your gold bullion every year. By buying fractional gold monthly you are buying in the lows and highs of the year with an average cost.

Visit our site today and join the Gold Nugget Subscription, so you can start building your stack.