Gold : $3,296.00 -55.52
Silver : $40.12 -0.77
Platinum : $1,327.55 -8.52
Palladium : $1,251.34 -27.16

Why buy physical gold?

Gold was the standard currency for over 5,000 years. It was accepted as payment in many countries around the world, and it was a tangible measure of value.

These days, you can pay for just about anything with dollar bills, plastic credit cards, and crypto coins. They’re convenient and portable, and your funds are instantly transferable.

So why would you want to return to the old ways and keep your money in gold?

Gold Protects Your Privacy

The death of the paper fiat currency is near. A growing number of businesses don’t even accept cash anymore. Instead, they are taking credit cards or installing reverse ATMs to take your cash and give you a prepaid debit card.

This means that all of your money — and your transactions — can easily be tracked. Saving money off the radar and out of the system is now a luxury.

Gold is your ultimate private savings vehicle. It is tangible and real, and it doesn’t get tracked digitally. Nobody needs to know everything about your portfolio. Physical gold will ensure they don’t.

Gold Protects Your Purchasing Power

In 1915, you could have withdrawn thirty paper $20 bills or thirty gold 1 oz coins to buy a nice new car.

Today, with the same thirty gold 1 oz coins you can still buy a new car. However, thirty paper $20 bills will barely buy four car tires.

All fiat currencies lose purchasing power over time due to increased money supply and inflation. Gold has maintained its purchasing power throughout the millennia. The only sound money is gold.

Gold Increases in Value

In a 50-year timespan, physical gold has gained 4500% in value.

Meanwhile, the US dollar’s value has declined by 85% in the same time period. Today’s dollar has the purchasing power of just 15 cents in 1971 dollars.

Gold is still one of the most trusted forms of currency. The IMF categorizes physical gold as a Tier 1 asset (meaning “risk-free” or “zero-risk.”)

Why buy physical gold instead of an ETF?

In an economic or currency crisis, mining shares, ETF’s, and contracts, like all paper assets, can lose all value. With a gold ETF, there is counterparty risk. You are relying on another party to hold up their end of the bargain. Historically during periods of market crashes and instability, the ETF space for metals has had major risks and shortcomings. But physical gold never has. Physical gold is not someone else’s debt and is not part of a system riddled with vulnerabilities.

How to Start Investing in Gold Now

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